• Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 Zenith Rifle Scope




Schmidt & Bender Zenith

 So distinctive is the design of Schmidt & Bender's Zenith riflescopes, that in 2003 they earned the prestigious international IF Design Award, and were selected by Field & Stream magazine as the "Best of the Best". Their streamlined elegance results in compact, efficient scopes that complement, not dominate, your rifles.

Everything about a Zenith riflescope is designed for ease of use both in the field and at the range. The full magnification range can be covered in just one 180° rotation - a mere half turn - of the adjustment dial. Eye relief is a safe and comfortable 90mm (3 1/2inches). Our Posicon system provides a graphic indication of the reticle's piosition and remaining travel within the scope, facilitating mounting, sighting in, and insuring that you retain as much elevation and windage adjustment as possible. Preferred settings for different loads and bullets can be easily marked for reference. We've even thought to include a spare battery, conveniently stored in one of the turret caps, with our illuminated reticle models.

When mounting a scope, it is important to be aware of the reticle position, so the gunsmith can make uise of the maximum available adjustment range in all directions. This facilitates sighting, particularly at long ranges. Our Posicon display makes this simple. An indicator within the display points to the position of the reticle. When the pointer is within the green range, the reticle is positioned within its square adjustment range, in which there will be no reciprocal interference of windage or elevation movements. The red range indicates adjustment reserves that can be used if necessary, while also warning that too much adjustment in one direction (for example, elecation) could limit available adjustment in the other direction (windage). After the firearm has been zeroed, the Posicon indicator allows you to mark different settings on a silver ring within each turret. You can then easily return to these settings when using bullets of different weights, style, or different loads.



Tube Diameter 30mm
Magnification 3-12 x
Objective lens diameter 50 mm
 reticle A7
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Illuminated reticle No
Length 13.5 in
Weight 670 g
Finish Matte
Focal Plane  1st

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Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 Zenith Rifle Scope

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